Fill Me Up Cup Helps You Pray Over Your Family, Friends, and Anyone Else Every Day!
How you are a part of Our Mission

How you are a part of Our Mission

How you are a part of Our Mission


Our goal with Fill Me Up Cup is that we all step into a world where prayers are heard and miracles happen. Our personalized coffee mugs are here to inspire, support, and bring joy to your walk with God.

Where else does your support help?

It's our goal to continue doing the Lords work by enabling amazing organizations to use your support to build God's Kingdom.

We are promising to tithe 51% of the first fruits to many groups across the world that have shown to operate in faith.

Whats the next step?

Its so simple....... Say a Prayer, Pick your cup color, pick your font and Name or upload your picture, check your work, place your order.

The rest is on us!

Everyday we will pray over every cup that is ordered (Thats for free), we create your cup, box it up with one last prayer, ship it to your door!

OK So now the rest is on you......

  • We recommend washing your cup right away.
  • Brew that amazing necture that only God could have given us!
  • AS you pour FILL your cup....Pray blessings over that person.
  • Every Drink you take pray another blessing over the name on your Personalized Coffee Mug.
  • Fill, Pray, Repeat
  • Tell your friends!!