Fill Me Up Cup Helps You Pray Over Your Family, Friends, and Anyone Else Every Day!
Where we came from!

Where we came from!

Where we came from!

Fill Me Up Cup was created when two brothers in Christ (JJ&XAN) shared a want to pray over JJ's son who was fighting cancer.

So when Xan got a CUSTOM COFFE MUG made with Jailex's name on it, a fire was lit to spread this precious idea to the world.

Quickly there was a cup made for almost every person in their families. Then cups for their friends and Church family, another for their business, their christian mens group and so much more! Then they got personalized coffee mugs with their own names on them, because everyone needs prayer.

Everyday they would pray over someone new, spreading the gift of Jesus!

Quickly is was clear that God was using these custom coffee mugs to guide JJ & Xan in their daily prayers. One of them would send a text telling the other "I got your cup out this morning, been praying over you all day!" 

The instant reply was almost always " Thats so perfect, I really need it today because........" 

This happened time and time again with different members of their family's and friends, business, community groups and the Holy Spirit blessing each one of them in a time of need.

They agreed that this was their ministry to the world.